Closed Doors

Some closed doors are important and some not so much in the grand scheme of things.

Two closed doors on back to back nights – Lost and 24.

Lost: I loved it! It was the perfect ending to a 6 year adventure that I still don’t totally understand. I understand enough though and think I understand the import things that I wanted to. I smiled, I laughed, and I cried.

24: I have watched from the beginning. Yes, season after season got a little predictable and it was basically the same story over and over just with different bad guys every season. But I love Jack, and if I am ever in a jam I want him on my side. The final scene with him looking up and saying Thank You killed me.

I guess the upside is that every time one of the shows we watch ends we are very careful to not add another one to replace it. If we do add another show to watch we make sure it fits into our life and won’t take us away from other more important things. (DVR makes it way too easy to record a ton of lets just say crap! I like being pretty selective in my TV viewing. Having said that Mark will be the first to tell you I have my guilty little secret show(s) that I watch.)

A literal closed door: For whatever reason I can’t stand looking at the nursery right now. I love it, it is beautiful, but it depresses me to look in at an empty nursery every day. The nursery is the central bedroom in the house…I have to look at it every time I enter or leave the house, every time I walk from the kitchen to the living room, every time I need to go to the bathroom or the office…I have to walk by the nursery. So I closed the door. Yes I know what is behind the door, but right now I can’t handle looking at it all the time.

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