Some of my Fave Things-In no order

-My husband!
-My family!
-My friends!
-My new hair cut and color! I have been wanting a bob for a long time, but had to work my way into it so as not to shock Mark too much. When I told her I wanted to stay dark I had no idea that would translate in to so much red, but I love it! The best part was going to Bob and Michelle’s Saturday night for a BBQ and the first thing Grace says, “Jen, you have the same hair cut as me!” Yes that means I have a bob just like a 3 year old, but I would like to think mine has a lot more edge to it than hers does. πŸ™‚
-Mark finding gluten free beer that is good! Ask him and he will tell you that the number 1 thing he misses the most about having to follow a gluten free diet is beer. We have tried others and there were pretty bad, but the Pipe and Tobacco shop on 56th and S. Tacoma way has a great selection of good beer that he can drink. No I’m not thrilled about supporting a tobacco shop, but I’m also not going to tell Mark he can’t enjoy something he has been missing for 3 + years.

-It rained today…that means I don’t have to water the flowers!
-Realizing that just because closure does not come in the form I think it should does not mean that it is not closure all the same.
-Relay For Life of Lakewood!
-I was able to buy clothing one size smaller this weekend and it fits…it is not a stretch at all!
-Feeling like my workouts are really paying off. I feel stronger and the workouts are getting a little easier, still not easy, but I’m able to get through them. Gotta love Tracy Anderson work out DVD’s! Doing moves I have never heard of or seen!
-This is my last full week of work for 3 weeks! Camping, Relay, River Rafting in that order!
-Making reservations for our September camping trip with my Aunt and Uncle, their friends, and Bob and Michelle. We are all going to the Leavenworth area to camp.
-Having so many options for dinner that I can’t decide what new recipe I’m going to try first!
-Turning the heat off in the house (summer is almost hear!).
-Knowing we have a new washer and dryer arriving on Friday. No more trying to get the washing machine to go through the spin cycle so I don’t have to hand wring our cloths. (plus the washer has a kids clothing setting…not sure what makes that setting different, but can’t wait for the day I get to start using it!)
-Feeling pretty good about my kickball skills. Not that I’m great, but I’m not as bad as others. πŸ™‚…love it!….really love it!
-Breaking my no alcohol during the week rule…sometimes it just has to be broken!
-This may be TMI, but wearing pretty new underwear. No one else sees it, but I know it looks great and that makes me smile.
-The nursery. It looks so cute and organized. The only good thing about waiting for the baby…the nursery stays cute and organized with zero clean-up.
-Having a fully stocked nursery so that friends with babies have an easier time when they come over. Love it that our stuff is getting used!
-Amazon’s wish list! I love it that I can add anything I wan to the list. Stuff for me, for the baby, for the house, for the yard…love it!
-Chips and green salsa from El Toro.
-Our camping trailer.
-Talking to Grace on the phone. I love having conversations with my favorite almost 4 year old.
Kiera’s smile!
-Hanging out with Bob and Michelle.
-Watching movies with Mark.
-Listening to Satellite Radio!
-Getting lost in a really good book.
-Don’t want to jinx it, but my hip is feeling a lot better!
-Finding premium denim shorts marked down over $100 off!
-Posting on the blog while at work…time to get busy…I could keep going all day.

2 thoughts on “Some of my Fave Things-In no order

  1. Hey Kendra – try going dark a little at a time over several months. Than you can stop before it it too dark. πŸ™‚

    Glad you like the blog. It is nice to know that somenoe is reading it!


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