Relay For LIfe of Lakewood Meeting

We went to an amazing Teams Meeting/Survivor and Caregiver Ice Cream social last night! The Lakewood event has the best teams meetings I have ever been to. Yes that includes the two years I ran the Tacoma meetings and the two years I chaired the Tacoma event. I have no problem admitting when someone else gets it right and does it better than me!

The meetings are full of energy, information, recognition and I walk away from every meeting feeling like the entire community is involved and excited!

When making the decision to move from the Tacoma event to Lakewood I had a little bit of uncertainty going on. Even though I was 100% committed to the move I was worried it would not be as fun, or I wouldn’t like it as much, but was I way wrong to spend even 1 second worried about it.

Not that I didn’t enjoy being part of the Tacoma Leadership team and chairing the event, especially the honor of chairing the 25th Anniversary, but being able to take a step back and “just” be a team member has helped my find my true Relay joy again! I had forgotten how much fun it could be when you can focus on having an awesome team and participating in all the theme laps, decorating the team tent site, and having time to just sit down and take in the event. I’m so looking forward to enjoying this years event without all the pressure!

Keep up the good work Lakewood Leadership team!

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