My Dad is Bigger Than Yours!!!

My whole life my Dad has been a big fit guy and all of his big fitness was on display this weekend at Emerald Cup! I think he looks amazing, especially for a 58 year old! I am so proud of him competing at his age and fighting his diabetes the whole time he is training and cutting! I love seeing him on stage looking so good and having so much fun! A few pics from Saturday…

Dad is on the far Left.
Maybe this look is what always scared the boys off?
Look at those abs!!!

No wait…it was this look for sure!
Wow…legs…just wow!

Dad also competed in the mixed couples division this year with Julie. During the performance portion of the show they did a swing dance routine that brought the house down. (I was too far away to get good shots of that…they moved too fast and the lighting was messing with my camera). Dad is in the middle and Julie is the girl on the right side of the photo.

View of their backs…again Dad is in the middle and Julie is on the right side of the photo.
Dad…I am so proud of you! Everyone sitting around me kept saying they could tell how much fun you were having and they LOVED your smile and the swing dancing.
The best part of the night was when Julie said to me, “Your Dad is a special man.” Yep I know! I have always felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have him as my Dad!

2 thoughts on “My Dad is Bigger Than Yours!!!

  1. Hey Shelley,
    That is my Dad and his mixed couples partner in her slide show. She got some good shots of thier performance. I was not able to get good shots of that.


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