Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was a lot of fun. I was waiting for the photos before posting…but this is a busy week.

Friday night we had the Nibble and Quibble auction for Relay For Life. Our team hosted a table which means we secured 3 silent auction items, a dessert for the dessert auction and sold 8 tickets to fill our table. It all came together very nice and the event ended up raising over $23 thousand total. Each team that participated gets a portion of that posted to their team total. I think we get around $993 or something like that!

Saturday was my birthday and I started it out with a little Zumba, came home to Mark having done all the dishes and making a jump on the laundry, had lunch with a girlfriend, got my hair cut, and chilled at home until it was time to leave at 6:30. My surprise was dinner at my favorite place to eat, The Melting Pot, with my favorite people, Bob and Michelle! We tried out the new Pacific Island menu and loved it! The lobster was amazing!

Sunday was spent at the Parents house for Easter egg hunting, brunch, and the family birthday celebration.

It was a low key birthday which is just what I wanted and a nice busy yet relaxing weekend.

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