First BBQ of the Season!

Mark and I had planned on going to Roller Durby Saturday night, but the weather was so nice that we decided to have friends over for an impromptu BBQ! A few photos from the BBQ…

Grace and Devin hanging out with Bishop.

Kiera playing…can’t wait to see if Sky likes this as much as Kiera does!

Josh, Kaleena, Devin and Brian rocking out.
A few photos from last weekend…they finally made it from the camera to the computer.

Dad with his new shop vac and tool chest…he had no idea that was what he was getting for his birthday.

This is photo evidence of why he needed a tool chest…he had drilled holes in the old entertainment stand and was using that to hold all his tools. I love it that Dad will make do with whatever he has and is so thankful for simple things like a tool chest.

We spent last Saturday wine tasting with Paul and Candy…had some great wine! Can’t wait to spend wine time in Prosser again!

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