So glad the weekend is almost here. We are kicking it off by spending some time with two of our favorite little ladies…Grace and Kiera. Bob and Michelle have plans this evening so Mark and I get to hang with the kiddos. Can’t wait! To see the cuteness…a few pics from our camping trip a few weeks ago…

Little Miss Kiera is 8 ish months old.
Grace is 3 and really hard to get a good photo of…she is way too active for photo shoots!

The whole family: Michelle holding Grace, Bob holding Kiera, and Michelle’s mom Mary.
Then Saturday I start off with Zumba, possible a bit of shopping with Michelle and then Mark and I are going to Roller Derby Saturday night! After watching Whip It I can’t wait to see it live!!!
Sunday we get to visit with my good friend Lesley and her boyfriend Trevor…can’t wait!

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