Adoption Update

Not much to update really, but I have not posted about it in a while (more on that later). We are still waiting for “the call” and in the meantime I’m still reading everything I can get my hands on. It has gotten to the point that I’m reading the same things over and over, so think it is time to stop. I am pretty confident I can find any info I need in the number of books that we have once we have the baby.

I still have not gotten to the inpatient, let’s find a baby already stage yet. While I would be totally happy to bring baby home tomorrow I’m still enjoying what baby free time we have left as much as possible.

I feel for couples that deal with years of infertility and trying to have a baby and then they start this process. The added years of waiting for the adoption process to work must be really difficult emotionally and patients must start to wear thin.

As for not posting in a while – I needed a break I guess from advice and opinions. This whole process has been interesting as far as others and strong opinions they have regarding decisions we are having to make.

Adoption is not something you decide on a whim and pay some money and all of a sudden you have a baby. There is a lot of sole searching, paperwork, somewhat invasive screening, and lots and lots of choices to be made. It has forced us to take an honest look at ourselves, ask for advice from those with experience regarding some of the issues we have had to make decisions about, and listen to a fair amount of unwanted opinions. I have gotten a lot better at weeding out books, magazine articles, blogs, and newsletters that are negative or make me start to feel negative. But it is harder when people offer unsolicited opinions that are the opposite of what we have decided. I can’t just toss them in the garbage or close the browser to get rid of it.

The fact is adoption opens us up to making a lot of decisions/choices that most parents don’t get to make. For better or worse Mark and I have made our decisions, and continue to make them as new situation are presented to us, and feel like we are doing what is best for us and for our future child.

I have noticed that some are offended when we make a choice that they don’t understand or is the opposite of what they would do, or what they have done with their own children/family. Our decisions and choices are personal to us and our unique situation and should not be taken personally by anyone else.

It may not seem like it at the time, but every decision we make brings us a step closer to bringing home the baby that is supposed to be in our family. When the time is right the baby that is meant to be ours will find it’s way home to us.

One thought on “Adoption Update

  1. Whatever your reasons, the baby that chooses the two of you will be blessed.

    BTW, my mailman hates me and got my invite WAY late (after the shower)! I have something for the two of you and will get it to Mark one of these days.


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