Puppy Love

Mark and I had a great weekend! It started out Friday night with a drive to E WA. We got into town about 9pm, visited with Dad and Val for a bit and then went to bed. The next day Dad and Val had to work all day so Mark and I made our own plans. We birthday shopped for Dad and then headed to Prosser to catch up with Aunt Candy and Uncle Paul. They have a new 5th Wheel and decided to take it out for the first time for a quick over-night trip.

Well Mark and I beat them to Prosser by several hours as they had to pick up the trailer at the dealer Saturday morning. So we had lunch, did a lot of shopping (found the greatest hand bag store ever!) and then met them at the RV park. (Man Prosser has changed a ton from the days that I used to visit there!!!)

We opened a bottle of champagne to christen the trailer and then the 4 of us hit the wineries! Who knew Prosser would have like 50 wineries?! 2 1/2 hours and lot’s of wine later we had a quick snack at the trailer and then Mark and I headed back to Kennewick to spend the rest of our time with Dad and Val.

Sunday morning Mark and I met with a Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder as we want that to be our next dog. However, we wanted to do our homework and make sure the breed would work for us. So we spent a few hours talking with the breeder and seeing the puppies! Enter Sawyer…he was one of the little boy puppies that Mark really fell in love with. He is so sweet, cute, and does not have a home yet.

For the record we had zero intentions of getting a puppy and we still don’t know if this is the right time for us. However, we did fall in love, the price is right, it is almost summer so outdoor walks and training could start now, we don’t have a baby yet and could get some good training time in, we fell in love with him, they are so cute as puppies and are beautiful as adults, oh did I mention we fell in love with Sawyer?

All joking aside we are giving it some serious thought and will make a decision by the end of the week. Either way I’m fine with getting a puppy now or waiting. In the meantime I keep looking at the photos and falling in love all over again!

Let us our of puppy jail!

Mark and Sawyer.

Me with one of the puppies…so cute! The puppy that is. 🙂

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