I Don’t Care…

It is a phrase I use often and probably shouldn’t. Saying “I don’t care” is pretty negative and could make the person I’m talking to think I don’t care about them, when really that is not the case.

Sometimes I truly don’t care about what I’m being asked about…if Mark asks me which bottle of wine I want to open I usually don’t care…I don’t buy wine I don’t like. But, it is nice of me to respond to him by saying “I don’t care” when he is trying to make me happy? I think not.

Even if I really don’t care what bottle he opens I could just pick one, or say that I like both so if he has a preference open that one, or I could tell him to surprise me, or I could say that I don’t have a preference. There are a lot of options that sound a lot nicer than “I Don’t Care”.

Once of the things I find myself doing and/or thinking about since the 8 week challenge I did is finding little ways to make sure my marriage is a happy one. Mark has never said anything about not liking the “I don’t care” phrase, but in my mind it seems like it is a little way to make my responses more pleasant.

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