Dodgeball Playoffs

Dodgeball playoffs were last Thursday. We went into the playoffs in 7th place (there are 8 teams). We faced the number 2 or 3 (Can’t remember) team in our first game and annihilated them. We were a little worried about that game because we never win our first game. It’s almost like we need a game to warm up and then our second game is our best game. But not this time. We worked well together as a team and stuck to our strategy really well.
Then we played the number 1 team in our next game and were up on them 3 to 1, but they came back and beat us in the end. The great thing is we improved so much from our first game to our last, we had a great time, and next season we have a head start, because now we know what we are doing.
We ended up placing 4th overall. Right in the middle. Next season I predict we will be 2nd or 3rd easy.
Me retrieving a ball and giving it to Mark so he can throw it. What teamwork we have!

Celebrating a convincing win!

During the game…see Mark on the right…he just threw a ball.

Talking strategy just before the game starts.

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