Fair warning…I am getting up on my soap box today. I follow several blogs most of them having to do with having a happy and successful marriage, being a good parent and having a happy healthy family life. I also have a lot of friends on Facebook that tend to make deep meaningful comments that I find value in.

However I have noticed on some of the blogs and FB posts a tendency to qualify statements with labels. For example the latest one that tipped me over was, “strong Catholic husbands deserve wives that love and value them for the contribution they make to the church and society”. (No I am not trying to pick on Catholic’s, I believe everyone has the right to choose their own belief system regardless of what my own personal beliefs are!) If a person is going to talk about having stronger marriages on their blog why limit it to Catholic husbands being the only ones that deserve love?

My issue what that statement is that in my mind any husband, regardless of their religious beliefs, deserves to be loved and valued. It should not have anything to do with being Catholic. My husband is not Catholic, nor am I, yet he gives his time and money to our community, he is a wonderful husband, great friend, is always there for his family and he deserved to be loved and valued just as much as anyone else.

It’s is not just religious titles I take issue with. Just because someone is a CEO, Model, Actor, Sports Star, amazing volunteer in the community, PTA president, the best stay-at-home mom ever, great cook, feel free to insert any label you can think of here…does not mean they deserve special treatment. Or rather that they are more entitled to basic things like love, feeling valued, or being appreciated.

There is one title that fits everyone and that is Human. We are all humans who live in this world together and regardless of religion, money, sex, ethnicity etc…we all deserve to feel loved, valued, appreciated, and cared for.

Can we please stop qualifying ourselves and those around us with labels and all just be part of the human race and appreciate each other for that one basic sameness?

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