Goal Update

I finished reading The 5 Love Languages. I liked it a lot. Will it help me be more patient and not get irritated as easily with certain types of comments, maybe…maybe not. What it did help with was reminding me of why I love my husband so much and the importance of letting him know that I love him and think he is wonderful.

I’m still not certain what his primary love language is, I have an idea, but for now will work on being better at all of them. I hope that once he is done reading the book I can tell me what it is!
I think this is a book that every married couple should read hopefully before they are having issues. I would rather prevent issues then try to fix them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were things I could be doing better, but they are not things that have become an issue yet, or at least we have not talked about them being an issue.

I am a big fan of constant self evaluation and growth and think that The 5 Love Languages is a great book to help with both. It is also a book that should probably be read over and over…it is good to have reminders!

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