Dodgie Style Won!

That’s right folks we finally won a game. We tried out a new strategy last night…girls shagged (as in retrieving balls and giving them to the nailers) and guys were catchers and nailers (nailers have good aim and arm strength for throwing and catchers…well they catch balls the other team throws).

Having clear roles worked! We started the night with an overtime lose in our first game, but we kicked booty in the second game 5 or 7 (I forget) matches to 0! It was great to get a win finally.

Mark, Andy, me, Josh, Bob, Jeff, Kaleena, Dave after the win!

Waiting for the whistle to blow starting our first game.

Mark (Lebron James) Yeatman

A little ball play.
So glad it is Friday today. What a long week it has been. But, it was great to win and celebrate at the West End with some beer after the game.
The weekend ahead is full of life…celebrating a new life coming into the world at a friends baby shower on Saturday and remembering the life of an amazing woman at her funeral Sunday.

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