Dinner With the Beckham’s

Saturday evening we had some of our favorite people over for dinner, gifts, and crazy Jenga! Kiera got to test out the new crib, changing table and high chair! We must have put them together right because the didn’t fall apart!

I made my favorite balsamic turkey roast in the crock pot with sweet potatoes and green beans. We had poached pears for dessert along with some hot spiced wine. It was a great evening of fun!

The new Jenga game…not sure what I think about it, but we had fun playing.

Opening gifts…Bob and Michelle decorate all out for Halloween so we had to get this for them when we saw it.

This is the coolest football book ever!

Michelle showing off her new Hawks garb.

Grace decided she had to put on every top and skirt from her dress up trunk. She seemed to like it!

Wait…my hair is not perfect!

Holding Kiera.

Table full of yummy food!

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