The nursery looks like a nursery! We have all the basic stuff that we need, Thank you Dad!!! Now we just need the little person that is going to live in the nursery to find her way to us.

I had fun shopping this weekend with a gift card from Dad. I was able to get the changing table, ExerSaucer, play mat/gym, changing table pad and cover, matters covers for the crib, the lamp and mobile that match the bedding, the baby monitor, and the portable crib/bassinet/play yard!

Mark put the crib together for me this evening and I added all the bedding and the mobile. Next is the changing table and the portable crib…we have to make sure it works before the return period is up.

I will say that I adore how cute is all is, but think it is a rip off that most of it has to come off the crib to make is safe for baby. I guess I will have to enjoy it prior to bringing baby home. Seriously does anyone have any good ideas on what to do with the crib bumpers? The books I have read said to take them out before letting baby sleep in the crib due to SIDS. Seems like a waste to have them and not be able to use them for something!

Some photos of the nursery…

Closet full of cloths thanks to friends. We have a range from 0 months to 18 months.
Crib and mobile.

Blanket that goes with the crib set…the blanket that the books say is not safe to use! It will just have to look pretty on the glider.

Shot of the crib, mobile and lamp. Also a glimps of our new carpet. (Photos of the living room to come after the house keep cleans later this week!)

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