Random Friday

-I stopped by the Lakewood Police Dpt last night with flowers and a balloon. I didn’t know any of the officers personally but feel like it is important to pay my respects. It was a harsh reality check when I heard a little girl look at her Mom and say, “I’m going to miss him so much.” I don’t know how they were related or if they were family friends or what, but it really drove home the impact their death has. There were officers there from Algona, Seattle, Kirkland, and Renton paying their respects as well.

Dodgeball was fun last night up to the point where I fell on my butt! I landed on one cheek and bounced. Now I have a huge bruise and can’t sit on that side at all. I will have to be more careful next week! The only good thing is I got to leave work early because I was in so much pain.

-New take on an old hair cut. I had my hair cut into a bob just before Halloween and I loved the length, but it was still way too thick. So I went back last weekend and asked for layers and a razor cut, and now I love it. May not be the best photo of me, but it’s the best I can do at 5am by myself. I also notice the color is really yellow…not sure why.

-The house is still a mess! I came home yesterday and the door was taken off the bathroom! Thankfully we have two so I used the other one. But man I will be glad to restore order to our home! Here is how it looks now…
The couch tipped forward between the kitchen counter and the washer and dryer.

The Christmas tree shoved in a corner and surrounded by furniture.

Stuff in the nursery…no where else to put it for now.

The living room before I left for work this morning. As I’m typing Mark and his Dad have almost finished painting it. Carpet on Tuesday and then we move everything back in!
-Since the house is such a mess Mark and I are going out to dinner and a movie. I may have to sit funny and lean to the side, but we don’t want to spend all evening in the mess that is our home right now.

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