Disaster Zone

Our house has been declared a Disaster Zone by me! I cam home yesterday to find all the furniture moved out of the living room and into the dinning room/master bedroom/hallway. I knew Mark was going to do this in order to paint and carpet, but I was not prepared for the reality of cramming a living room worth of furniture, art, TV & stereo equipment into the rest of the house.

The bathroom door won’t open all the way, the hallway is not usable and now all traffic going from one end of the house to the other must go through the kitchen, I keep banging my shins on furniture that is completely out of place and blocking my dresser in the bedroom, I can’t get to the washer and dryer so no laundry will be getting done, the kitchen counters are covered in stuff (cooking is not working out so well), all the Christmas decorations have disappeared and I don’t know where they are other then the tree (I can see it shoved to the back of the dinning room with tons of furniture stacked up in front of it), and the only chair in the house that we have access to is Mark’s office chair.

Basically it is hang out in the bedroom (the only thing to sit on is the bed…I ate dinner on the bed last night!) At this point I find it so stressful to be at home that I would rather stay in a hotel! I really don’t know if I will make it until Tuesday.

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