Last Day of Posting Challenge

I am partially relieved that the daily posting challenge is over, and partially disappointed. I liked feeling like I had a responsibility to post every day, however I am 100% certain that I don’t have nearly enough to say to need to post every day. I think my new goal is going to be posting every other day or every 3 days. Mark and I are just not that exciting.

Today – I’m looking forward to the home massages that Mark’s parents got us as a birthday present to Mark. I know…nice that I benefit as well from Mark’s birthday! We each get an hour massage tonight in our very own living room. It is going to be really nice!

Adoption – I read an article that talked about how much longer the process takes when being gender specific. Maybe it’s too soon in the process for me to feel depressed about the wait, but knowing we have a wait doesn’t bother me yet. It gives us time to get the nursery and the rest of the house done!

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