The Morning After

Happy Birthday to Mark! He turns 35 today. To celebrate we had friends over to play Band Hero and it was a lot of fun. Band Hero is perfect for parties because no matter how bad you play the song keeps going, you can switch players mid song and change the difficulty level mid song as well. Plus, it has a great selection of music. Thank you to everyone who showed up and had fun with us! Just a few of the many, many photos taken.

Mark, Amy, Shannon (singing), Brian.

Left to Right: Jay and Kendra, Mark, Michelle, Shannon, Bob, Brian, Josh, Me and Simone.
Mark and Bob being silly.

Mark getting ready to open Bob and Michelle’s gift which Grace was kind enough to decorate.
Today: I am thankful that I have such a wonderful husband and was able to celebrate 35 years with him. I am also thankful that we have such a wonderful group of friends! I may be the most thankful for my new really comfy bathrobe. We were up until 3:30am and my bathrobe is just what I need to snuggle in today.
Adoption: Mark’s wish was that this birthday is the last childless one we have. That means a baby before my birthday in April! Let’s hope!

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