Summer Update

I have been really bad about updating the blog this summer, so here is a quick run down of what we have been up to…
Scavenger Hunt 2009
This was a fundraiser for Relay For Life and TCC

Me, Gina, Mark and Reggie completing one of the photos.
I think we were supposed to fit as many people as possible into the shopping cart.

We Celebrated 25 Years of Relay at the Relay For Life of Tacoma. This was my last year as the event Co-Chair.

Fight Back Ceremony with Jeff Ross.

Bob and I with the Leadership Team.
Camping trip with the family to sprinkle my Grandparent’s ashes.

Saying a few words before sprinkling them off the bridge into the river.

Me with my Sister and her three kids. Adorable and a lot of fun!

Me and Mark with my niece Sophie.
Mark’s sister got married and Mark was the photographer.

Amy and Ivan.

Amy and I.
It’s quick, but now I am up to date!

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