Weekend with Grace, Em, and Beca

Mark and I had a fun filled weekend watching Grace for Bob and Michelle and hanging out with out nieces. Em and Beca did great with Grace making her feel like she was hanging with the big girls.
We decided to take them to Odyssey for play time.

This is how Grace looked the whole time, that is until she decided she was tired and had enough. Not only was she laughing the whole time, but she was yelling as well. Even if we could not see her we could sure hear her!
Em and Beca.

They spent a lot of time jumping with Uncle Mark.

And a lot of time playing in the ball pit.

Beca, Grace, Em

The scooter track was fun to watch. Grace tried to figure it out, but it just didn’t work well for her.

Grace does not look too excited about being stuck in the middle.
We had a great time playing with all three girls. I have a whole new respect for parents who do this 24/7 and don’t get to go home to a kid free house at the end of the weekend. While all three girls were well behaved and there were no issues it still takes lot of energy to keep up with them!

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