Oregon Coast Adventure

We finally did it…we broke in (literally in some instances) our new camp trailer! The trailer has been sitting in our driveway since purchasing it back in Dec, and it’s been driving us crazy not hitting a campground with it for 5 months!

My fave pic of the trip…so excited I got it!
Our first morning in camp was Easter Sunday…of course the Easter Bunny visited camp!

Spring Break 2018 was the perfect opportunity to get a nice long road trip/camping trip in the trailer. We did our research (thank you NW Magazine for the destination idea) and booked a 6 night stay at Sunset Bay State Park near Coos Bay Or.





First off let me say we had an amazing trip! The beaches were wonderful, some of the best tide pool exploring ever, sea lions and seals galore, beach combing treasures found, sweet little towns to explore, sand dune adventures, and really good sea food. The weather was pretty great given it’s early spring on the coast. The temps were very comfortable, even on the drizzly or rainy days, it still felt pretty good out. Perhaps the best part was having very limited cell phone service. I loved having uninterrupted time with my two loves. And, I got so much reading done! So much so that the battery on my (borrowed) e-reader died every day (for my birthday Mark and Sky got me a brand new Paperwhite Kindle as my old one died on me. I had been borrowing Marks Kindle, but really did love it that much as it had a lot more bells and whistles, was heavier and the battery didn’t last more than a day…paperwhite charges last weeks!).

Exploring South Slough


Board Walk through the Slough

Anyway, all in all we had a truly lovely Spring Break, and none of us really wanted to head back to “real” life. But, remember when I said we broke in the trailer…the trip did have it’s share of “what the what is going on”!


The morning we were supposed to hit the road it appeared the refrigerator (full of camping meals) was not working. Great way to start the trip, not. So we delay leaving until the dealership opened and headed there to see if there was anything they could do. Turns out the refrigerator was working…the display panel wasn’t displaying because the trailer batteries were dead (they charge while driving). We were plugged into power at home, so I still don’t understand this issue at all, but the actual refrigerator was working the whole time. Just a nice little 2 hour delay on what was already going to be a long day of travel. And, yes we could have just used coolers, and were prepared to do so if needed, but we wanted to use the refrigerator in our brand new trailer for a 7 day trip.

Hard to see, but there were several seals playing in the water right next to the jetty we were waling on.
So much fun on the dunes! 

Next on the hit list, after a day of eating out for lunch and dinner, and lots of treats in between, Sky threw up all over the dinning benches. Just too much good stuff in too short a time, but man did it stink up the place. We had to pull the covers off all the cushions in the dinette and find a dry cleaner the next morning. No way did we want to risk that smell settling into the covers. Thankfully there was a dry cleaner that could clean the covers and have them done for us the morning we left to come home.



After that the dog decided to chew on a corner of the slide out and messed up the upholstery on one corner (she also chewed part of the wood framing around the seats back when we ate dinner in the trailer a few months ago). I guess Ruthie is just making it her own.

Face Rock Creamery…ice cream, wine and cheese…heaven for all of us! 

By day 3 I wanted to take a shower, only to discover there is no hot water in the shower. There was scalding hot water in the bathroom sink, and warm water in the kitchen, but cold, cold, cold in the shower. I was already ready to jump in the shower, and didn’t have quarters, so opted to take a cold shower rather than use the campground showers. Turns out Or. State Parks don’t require quarters…would have been nice to know that before I tried shaving my legs in stone cold water. Whatever, it woke me up! We later found out from a fellow camper who owns the same trailer brand that there is an anti-scald setting for the shower that needs to be bypassed. He had the instructions how to do it, so we can totally fix that thankfully.

Perhaps the most frustrating, and expensive, thing that happened was the DVD player broke. I’m not going to get into the how or why so as to protect the innocent who may read through this blog when they are older, but it’s an all in one unit that controls the sound for the entire trailer, and will now have to be replaced. There are a few other “little” things that need to be fixed after our trip some due to the trip (6 yr olds and dogs are hard on trailers!) and others due to things that were not working from the start and will be fixed by the dealership.


Like I said though, we had a blast exploring that area of the OR Coast, we love our new trailer, Ruthie is an excellent camping/exploring dog, and we can’t wait for more camping adventures for Team Yeatman!

Thankful Thursday

I can’t tell you how happy it makes my heart that Sky has a dog buddy again!

Watching Benji together.

We went without a dog for so long that I got used to how easy life was without a dog. I mean dogs take training and work, and arrangements. I was ok with the idea, but not totally jazzed with the real life of having a dog again. Let me tell you I’m so thankful I got on board with the whole dog thing. And, super thankful Mark did so much leg work to make sure we got the dog that was right for us.

Yes, a few things have been chewed, and she needs some leash training to get her where we want her to be, and there is poop to scoop….but she’s a great dog, and it’s all totally worth it to hear Sky’s giggles when they are playing together.

She has a little buddy again!

Ice Cream Monster

Do not get between Sky and her ice cream! Pretty much any time we have reason to celebrate a job well done, or a special event, and you ask Sky how she want’s to celebrate she’s going to say Ice Cream!

Get in my belly!

This celebration took us to Cold Stone, mostly because I begged. Their ice cream is pretty much the only ice cream I eat. They may not have 31 flavors like the other place Mark and Sky like to go, but you can mix in some yummy stuff! Hello Oreo Cookie filling with chocolate chip cookie dough…I mean I wanted to roll in it.

Going in for the yummy!

Sky looked like she did roll in her ice cream! Girl enjoys her treats!

Happy Girl!

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for a job that not only allows me the same time off Sky has from school, but let’s me sneak away for important things like her participation in a school-wide assembly.


I’m so proud of this kiddo, volunteering to read to the school & parents about the first steam engine automobile. She said she was nervous, but volunteered to read the paragraph anyway because it’s good practice. I love how brave she is, and I love that she made sure she knew where Mommy and Daddy were so she could glance over every now and then.

So thankful I don’t miss out on these “little” events in her life. Thank you to my co-workers who covered the health room while I was at the assembly!

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for backyard campfires and smores with friends!


Guys I’m so ready for camping season! I know, I know…we have a trailer we can camp any time. And, while that is true have you ever been cooped up in a camp trailer for multiple days with a dog and 6 year old?! If you have then you would most likely wait for nicer weather to camp in. Part of camping for us is having fun outside, not sitting around inside our trailer!

It was so nice to get a campfire fix to hold us over, and the company, well it was just the best! Plus, wine just taste better around a campfire!


So thankful it’s finally Spring and camping is only 8 days away!!!!!!!

What are you thankful for?

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for the sun, time at the park, and my in-laws!


The last two days have been early dismissal for conferences, and while Sky loves having half days at school, I do not get half days. I’m super thankful that Sky’s Grammy and Grampy are willing and able to pick her up early and spend time with her until I’m out for the day.


I’m extra thankful that today was a sunny day and they decided to take her to the park. It was so nice to get off work and meet them at the park. It gave me time to decompress before heading home and getting things done.

The sun is such a pick-me-up, going to enjoy every second of it that I can!

What are you thankful for today?

Be Willing to Be Uncomfortable

I have found being uncomfortable to be one of the greatest teachers in life.

When I was a teenager I read a book about Ryan White – Ryan White My Own Story. He was a teenager, who had hemophilia and contracted HIV/AIDS via a transfusion. This was back in the earlier stages of awareness/knowledge about HIV/AIDS and there were still a lot of biases, assumptions, and stigma surrounding it.

It struck me while reading his story that had he gone to my school we would have likely had some classes together. It also struck me that while I was horrified by how poorly he was treated by classmates, teachers, and his community in general that I don’t know if I would have treated him much better. Would I have been actively violent or mean towards him…no I wouldn’t have, that’s just not me. But, would I have been willing to sit next to him at lunch, would I have asked to borrow one of his pencils if I needed one, would I have even been willing to shake hands with him…back then…no I wouldn’t have been comfortable with any of that.

That was one of the hardest books I’ve ever read, because I was forced to realize some things about myself that I did not like. I had to talk myself into continue to read the book every day (man the tears I cried reading that book!).  I’m glad I did though, because to this day the feeling that book made me feel about myself and my own judgments and thoughts regarding certain types of people, beliefs, and life decisions has really helped me to take  a step back before judging. Or, when I have passed judgment it helps me evaluate myself and why I feel or think what I do, and determine if I’m the one that needs to make an adjustment. “Remember Ryan White” is something that runs through my mind to this day as a reminder to check my behavior, thoughts, and opinions.

I haven’t read another book that stuck me that forcefully until this last week. I just finished reading Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things, and it took me back to those old feelings. Small Great Things is a really good book in a really hard, harsh way. It’s honest and unflinching telling of two sides to a tragic story made me angry, and sad, and sick…really sick to my stomach. There were times I had to take a deep breath to even pick it up and continue reading it. Makes you want to read it right? But, I think you should (it’s based on a true event)!

Once again I was forced to acknowledge some things that were uncomfortable about life in general, and my roll (even if unintentional) in some of the inequalities experienced by others. There are a lot of issues covered in this book…issues that a lot of people have either never had to think about, or on the flip side have very strong opinions about. It was uncomfortable how eye opening the story was. It is uncomfortable to realize that at birth I was born into a more or less privileged situation than others, and that fact alone contributes to a never ending cycle that I don’t support but am part of non-the-less.

This book got me to thinking about all the heated debates that take place these days about different issues. There is very little agreement anymore it seems. Maybe if more people were willing to take an uncomfortable look at the other side, and try to see things from the uncomfortable other side of the argument then maybe steps towards a middle ground could be reached. It’s really uncomfortable to realize that even if we aren’t wrong that doesn’t mean we are totally right either.

Be willing to be uncomfortable with yourself and your views and beliefs. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will change your mind or do things any differently…it may mean that you are even more confident and secure in what you believe and how you live you life. That’s not a bad thing.  There is so much to learn from being uncomfortable.